Okay..I am sure you have all noticed that there aren't many people around Foamipedia. So, go tell all your friends (if you have any) to come here and help out. And being part of this community means getting great rewards! So, if you want the following just Click Here!


  • A chance to serve Foamy
  • You can actually become somebody, here.
  • You might become funny(or not)
  • You could become a highly respected person(no promises)
  • Girls like guys with a sense of humor
  • You could join one of the few humor wikis hosted by wikia, an amazing opportunity on its own
  • Your parents might start liking you
  • You could get paid(or not..probably not)
  • You might start not failing(there's gotta be a start for everything)
  • You might really like an article an help it out(You better..or else!)

So,if you want all of those fabulous prizes just

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