"Excuse me! My forehead is speaking!"
―Sozin's Grandfather addressing the Fire Nation
Sozin's Grandfather
Fire Lord Forehead
Biographical information
Nationality Fire Nation
Age 48
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Gold
Personal Information
Allies Fire Nation, Foamy
Enemies Anyone who doesn't have a forehead.
Weapon of choice Forehead of Epicness
Fighting Style Forebending
Chronological and political information

Fire Lord


Fire Lord



First Appearance

The Avatar and The Forehead

Sozin's Grandfather or Lord Forehead was the one of the greatest Fire Lords who ever lived. He drew his power from his forehead of epicness which he used to reflect the light from the sun to burn peoples faces off.

This Fire Lord was unbeatable in Agni Kais and anyone who dared to look at him directly had their faces burned off. He once accidentally killed the Earth King while he was staying at Ember Island, with the cause of death being severe sunburns.

If forehead beams weren’t enough, this epic Fire Lord could also use his incredibly chubby hands to suffocate enemies. He could also redirect shooting rocks, which would rebound of his giant pillow hands and cause the devastation of entire Earth Bending platoons.

The plants on the painting are though to represent the weed he enjoyed.

He was feared throughout the world due to his forehead of epicness but was eventually killed after he accidentally looked in a mirror, causing him to burn his face off.

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