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―A typical shipper

Shipping is when an Avatar fan believes two characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender will pair up and then to support their theory, they begin drawing a bunch of fanart that involves those two characters having sex and writing fanfiction with those two characters having sex and threatening to kill people who disagree with them. Yep, shipping was such SRS BSNS to the general Avatar fandom that it caused a war known as the Shipping War (the Fire Nation was of course involved in this war).

Popular ShipsEdit

  • Kataang-A very popular shipping with Aang and Katara; enemies of Zutarians.
  • Zutara-Zutraians, popular shipping of Zuko and Katara; they hate the Kataangers.
  • Taang-A shipping of Toph and Aang;Commonly used to say what happens to Aang if Zutara worked out; Allies of the Zutarians.
  • Soph-When Sokka and Toph hook up; Allies of the Zutarians but not with the Taangers.
  • Soki-Sokka and Suki..together forever. Fairly Neutral.