"Go sexism!"
―A Northern Water Tribe resident
Ozai: "You've been raped by..."
Fire Nation soldier: "Uh... About that My lord.. The invasion failed."
Ozai: "WHAT!? (Darth Vader voice)NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
— Ozai's failed attempt at burning the Northern Water Tribe

The Northern Water Tribe is the Wet Stuff tribe that is in much better shape and is much more entertaining to visit. The Northern Water Tribe is home to many notable residents such as Santa Claus and Master Pakku. Of course, the Fire Nation just had to stir up some crap, so during the series finale of Book 1, they invaded the tribe, but ended up failing when they pissed off La (the ocean spirit) by killing his partner Tui (the Moon spirit). The people of the Northern Water Tribe are also big supporters of sexism.

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