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Biographical information

He's Chinese Earth Kingdomese


We don't know, sorry

Physical description

Male we assume... looks like a female though

Hair color

Look at the picture

Eye color

Look at the damn picture

Personal Information

The wimps in the Earth Kingdom, Water tribe


Firelord Bush, Fire Nation, Your mom, Air Hippies

Weapon of choice

A sword bitch!

Chronological and political information

Professional Stripper and Earth King


Did you freakin' read above?


He was a Earth King... I wonder what his affiliation was... hmmm...

Link is the second Earth King of the Earth Kingdom and the first human Earth King. He is also the youngest and most silent Earth King in Earth Kingdom history. He was known as a master earth bender and a briliant tactician. He was one of the greatest players in history, he even had a relationship with the wife of a Fire Lord. His green clothing made him a very stylish Earth King. He is not so much evil as he is violent.

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