L33t sp34k 1s a F0r[v] 0f L4|\|9U493 1nv3nt3d 8y n00bs 3><7r3/\/\3L'/ (00L p30PL3 \/\/17|-| L07$ 0Ph 91rLPhr13|\|D$. 1t 1s kn0\/\/n t|-|4t [v]4ny p3opl3 1n t|-| F1r3 N4t10n us3 L33t sp34k B3(4U53 7|-|3'/ r34LL'/ |<1(|< 455.


  • DU/\/\B4$$3$ (00L p30PL3 U$3 L337 $P34|<
  • 41r 83nd3er5 |-|4t3 L33t sp34k
  • ¥0|_|r /\/\0[v] |_0\/3$ L33t sp34k
  • ¥0|_|'r3 a |\|008

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