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Biographical information

Earth Kingdom


dead now; But she was really really old

Physical description



don't know, but she was huge

Hair color


Eye color


Personal Information

Earth Kingdom, Water Tribe, Fire Nation, etc.


Chin, Air Hippies

Weapon of choice

fans, massPWNage state

Fighting Style(s)

all of them but this one

Chronological and political information
  • Avatar
  • Leader of the Dai Li
  • Drag Queen

See above

Kyoshi, the oldest Avatar in the world, was the avatar before Roku. She was known as quite the epic avatar, PWNing someone if they did not agree with her.


Childhood and Teenage yearsEdit

Kyoshi was born to a single mother in the southeastern Earth Kingdom, where she grew up. When she became 15, she was told she was the Avatar and was taken away to learn how to god mod like a true Avatar is supposed too. She spent five years traveling the world, and noticed that it was an amazing place. The only culture she did not like, obviously, were those hippies.

Creating the Dai LiEdit

One day the people of the Earth Kingdom rebelled and wanted to kill their king. So, he called her up and she tried to resolve it. The king did not like her plan and tried to get his guards to attack her, but she just killed them all. Then she made the Dai Li, to make sure nobody ever screws up, and made that king meet the demands of the people. The Dai Li eventually became a secret police, beating up any random guy who did not like the way things were. Then they betrayed their country, by letting the Fire Nation soldiers take the capital, and served the Fire Nation. So, they became the most screwed up police force in history.

Using the PWNage stateEdit

A couple years later, some idiot called Chin, challenged her EPICness. He brought a huge army to take over her home, but she just made the peninsula an island. Chin then "fell" of a cliff to his doom at some pointy rocks.

Trying to kill those hippies and deathEdit

Kyoshi eventually became really angry about those hippies. Every time she went to a bar or a drug store, they would be there talking about what they did last night. So, she decided to kill them all off. She planned on using the legendary Crush your nation, and made all the necessary arrangements. Just as she was about to wipe those hippies of the face of the plane, she had a heart attack because she was so happy. So, she died and those hippies remained alive for the next couple centuries. Sucks.

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