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Kuei the Wimp
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom


nobody cares

Physical description

guy..we think


does anyone really care about this idiot?

Hair color


Eye color


Personal Information

Aang, only because he is the avatar, really no one likes him



Weapon of choice

he's too wimpy to have one

Fighting Style(s)

look above

Chronological and political information

Earth King, but he does a suckish job of it


Read above, he was just some stupid puppet


himself, remember nobody likes him

"I am a wimp. Yeah, ain't that the truth."
―Kuei and a Earth Kingdom guy talking

Kuei is this huge wimp, who was the Earth King when Aang came back to pwn the Fire Nation. His only real friend is a bear (yes, his only friend). He was a figure head and had no power. So, pretty much, he is a huge wimp. He is also the dumbest Earth King who ever lived, letting complete strangers into his Palace because he suddenly "learns to trust" and pretty much gives them access to the whole fucking city. Not to mention telling Azula all about the one thing that could of saved the world from total and utter DOOM.

Oh yeah, then he gets held hostage by a fourteen year old girl, and abandons his people, who probably suffered horrible deaths when the BADASSbenders invaded his city. Thank god he is probably lying dead in the woods.

Lack a sense of humor? Then get the hell out of here and go read Avatar Wiki's "real" article on Kuei.

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