June: "Hello, Mr.Pimp-Master General"
Pimp-Master General: "The usual bed?"
June: "Of the way what's you real name?"
— June and the Pimp-Master General

June (originally born Jan, pronounced Yan), is one tough lady genderbender, due to an operation that he/r father paid for when s/he was 14 after she was caught shirt-lifting. Once a lady and now a laddie, s/he comes from what was once the Earth Queendom capital of Bang-kok! This shity city was once a cauldron to those of the 3rd and 4th sex. They now meet every year at the Bang-Jan's Groove Tree.

S/he has some weird animal that can smell just about anything in the Avatarverse, and s/he likes to beat dudes at arm wrestling. She has recently been confirmed to have a relationship with the Pimp-Master General.S/he's also been paired with Katara in some weird Yuri fanfic. That's just about it.


  • S/he is sometimes challenged at arm wrestling by Ryu
  • Iroh (a.k.a. Iroh the Pyroh), says s/he's red hot - and would likes to polka poke-he/r.
  • S/he once met a famous actor[1] and was then allegedly seen to be getting off riding off on her Shirashu (also reported to be transgender).
  • S/he is said to have wanted to pay he/r father back - her actual words were: "I'll cut his balls off and see how he likes it" - quote from Kill Bill
Lack a sense of humor? Then get the hell out of here and go read Avatar Wiki's "real" article on June.


  1. Dead Actor

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