Biographical information

Earth Kingdom


Somewhere mid-20s

Physical description


Hair color

Black as the night

Eye color

Deadly black

Personal Information

Her weird ass pet


Naughty people

Weapon of choice


Fighting Style(s)

Whooping someone's ass

Chronological and political information

Bounty Hunter

BDSM Mistress


BDSM Head Mistress



June: "Hello, Mr.Pimp-Master General"
Pimp-Master General: "The usual bed?"
June: "Of the way what's you real name?"
— June and the Pimp-Master General

June (originally born Jan, pronounced Yan), is one tough lady genderbender, due to an operation that he/r father paid for when s/he was 14 after she was caught shirt-lifting. Once a lady and now a laddie, s/he comes from what was once the Earth Queendom capital of Bang-kok! This shity city was once a cauldron to those of the 3rd and 4th sex. They now meet every year at the Bang-Jan's Groove Tree.

S/he has some weird animal that can smell just about anything in the Avatarverse, and s/he likes to beat dudes at arm wrestling. She has recently been confirmed to have a relationship with the Pimp-Master General.S/he's also been paired with Katara in some weird Yuri fanfic. June is also a mistress with her whip wich she use to punish people who are very naughty. That's just about it.


  • S/he is sometimes challenged at arm wrestling by Ryu
  • Iroh (a.k.a. Iroh the Pyroh), says s/he's red hot - and would likes to polka poke-he/r.
  • S/he once met a famous actor[1] and was then allegedly seen to be getting off riding off on her Shirashu (also reported to be transgender).
  • S/he is said to have wanted to pay he/r father back - her actual words were: "I'll cut his balls off and see how he likes it" - quote from Kill Bill
Lack a sense of humor? Then get the hell out of here and go read Avatar Wiki's "real" article on June.


  1. Dead Actor

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