Featured Articles exemplify the very best work of Foamipedia. The articles which are nominated will have a small star (Star) and the articles will be have a limited time to be voted (one month). It is usually suggested that they are a FAA, though it is not required.

Please Note: Only registred users can vote.

Nomination Edit

See Project:Featured Article/Nominations.

Voting Edit

Voting should be limited to registered users only. Votes registered by anon users should be struck off using a strike through (Some text).

After thirty days, articles must be promoted or rejected depending on their vote total. Currently a clear 3 votes in favor/against will be sufficient, although this is subject to review if and when the community expands.

After the waiting period is over each article will be promoted or rejected. For a few days an archive of the voting shall remain on the nominations page. Afterward a record of the nomination must be entered on the former nominations page, regardless of success or failure. Said article shall remain as the Featured Article for a month.

See Also Edit

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