Wiki This page documents an official Foamipedia Wiki policy.

It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors. Discuss potential changes unless the edit is minor.

Serious No more joking around, this is serious!

This article is written seriously, so take it seriously.

The following is a general list of things which are okay to Do and things which are Not okay to do on Foamipedia.

DO: contribute original humor, whimsy, or silliness.

DON'T: rip off Monty Python, Family Guy, or "All Your Base Are Belong to Us."

DO: modify canonical Avatar: The Last Airbender images in a humorous way to show off your Photoshopping skills.

DON'T: copy stuff from Uncyclopedia or Avatar Wiki.

DO: create new characters/locations/etc. or write up parodies of existing characters/locations/etc.

DON'T: copy an article from Avatar Wiki just because you think it's already funny... really, how could you even find anything they say on Avatar Wiki funny?

DO: proofread and spell-check.

DON'T: use l33t sp34k.

DO: parody general Avatar fandom, if that's your cup of tea.

DON'T: make personal attacks on real people, no matter how funny they might be. Not cool dude, people have feelings.

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