Foamipedia, the Avatar: The Last Airbender Humor Wiki, was founded by Andftw18 on June 24, 2009. The main goal of Foamipedia is to provide a place where losers people can write humorous articles that parody the Avatar universe.

History Edit

A long time ago on the date June 24, 2009, the creator of the universe, Foamy, founded Foamipedia through some mortal known as Andftw18. Foamy needed a place where he could spread his EPICNESS and the truth about Avatar: The Last Airbender so Foamipedia was born. A month or so after the glorious founding of Foamipedia, some dude by the name of Avatar came over and started helping out since he was enlightened by the Foamipedian way (and how could you not?!). He did all the stuff that Andftw18 was too lazy to do himself helped around the wiki and this pleased Foamy himself. Foamy order Andftw18 to make Avatar an admin, so it was done. Then Avatar got a bot and helped redesign the main page. Uh yeah, that is pretty much the only history this wiki has so far, so enjoy.

Lack a sense of humor? Then get the hell out of here and go read Avatar Wiki's "real" article on Foamipedia.

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