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God, better known as Foamy
Biographical information

Divine immortal being, but he likes to pose as an Earth Kingdom citizen


Older than time

Physical description



Whatever he wants

Hair color

Glorious brown

Eye color

They will destroy you

Personal Information

Those who seek life


Those who seek death

Weapon of choice

God can defeat you with anything. Prefers Epicbending though.

Fighting Style(s)


Chronological and political information

Creator of the universe and true ruler of Foamipedia





Foaming Mouth Guy better known as Foamy or God is the all-powerful creator of the universe and true ruler of Foamipedia. He is more powerful than the Avatar, hell he is more powerful than Mike and Bryan. Foamy recently fought against Cabbage Man in a huge freakin' battle of epic proportions that nearly destroyed the universe itself. This battle was fought to decide what the Avatar humor wiki would be known as: Foamipedia or Cabbagepedia (that would have sounded gay anyways). Of course, the battle ended with Foamy winning. Even if the crazy possiblity of Foamy losing occurred, we would've still named Foamipedia as Foamipedia because Foamy is just THAT good. Foamy is now preparing for the God War with Spongebob Squarepants.


Foamy is a master of the element of epicness (yes, it is even better than fire) also known as foamybending (named in an honor of the universal creator himself). Foamy is the only known master of this powerful bending art.
Foamy Is Awesome00:51

Foamy Is Awesome

Foamy is preforming the sacred dance that created the Universe and Foamipedia.

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