Fire Lord Kevin
Wise Fire Lord Kevin
Biographical Information

Fire Nation



Physical Description



about 4 inches

Hair color


Eye color


Personal Information

Everyone, but he likes the Air Hippies



Chronological and Political Information

Firelord, Worldlord, same thing




Everywhere at the same time, sort of

Fire Sage: "Worldlord Kevin, what are we going to do about the famine!!!"
Worldlord Kevin: "..."
Fire Sage: "Sir, you are a genius beyond your years."
— A pivotal decision is made.

Firelord Kevin, or more appropriately Worldlord Kevin, was the wisest and most peaceful Fire Lord in the Fire Nation's history. Born under the Banyan Grove Tree, he wondered around eating whatever he felt like, and occasionally dropped acid. Later he got a Ph.D. in being a caterpillar and ran for Fire Lord. The Air Hippies were having a war for Acid, so the atmosphere was filled with pot causing a world-wide high. Kevin was elected Fire Lord and ate half the world food resources. A great famine occurred, but people recovered after they adopted cannibalism. Shortly after the world population dropped by half, some Avatar granted Firelord Kevin the title of Worldlord, giving Kevin the power to start cable television. He later married Mai's great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandmother and had 87 children. Everyone lived happily ever after until a big freaking Owl decided to start a library in the middle of a desert, ripping the fabric of space and time. Worldlord Kevin sacrificed his life to repair the damage, and ended up giving Possum-chicken its unique flavor.

Trivia Edit

-Kevis is actually a nickname he earned in a game of Redemption. His real name is Jesus.

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