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"Doors are for squares"
―Motto of the Earth Kingdom
"Mom, I dropped a boulder on Jimmy by accident"
―A kid killing his friend with earthbending
―A common phrase heard in the Earth Kingdom
―Fire Lord Ozai taunting the Earth Kingdom
"All your bases are belong to us"
―A Fire Nation soldier
"Do you think anyone ever tried earthbending a boulder up their ass?"
―A curious earthbender
―A so dead Earth Kingdom citizen
"Long Feng is watching you bitch"
Long Feng

The Earth Kingdom on the world map.

China The Earth Kingdom is one of the superpowers and four nations of the Avatar verse. Despite being the largest fucking nation, with the largest population and most resources, they have been getting their ass handed to them for the last hundred years by the much smaller Fire Nation in the War. Well, you can't blame them, fireTHE BADASS ELEMENT does pwn earthrocks. The capital of the Earth Kingdom is located in BeijingBa Sing Se and the city is the cultural center and shopping capital of the Avatar verse having just about every damn thing you could wish for...including strip clubs. The Earth Kingdom is also a very diverse nation and that is sadly due to a massive problem of illegal Water Tribe immigrants sneaking pass the border. They also have the problem of the Fire Nation entering their country without premission and controlling the entire FUCKING WESTERN HALF of the country. Anyway, the Earth Kingdom is a great nation with a long rich history. They have brought many amazing marvels to the world such as McDonalds and Wal-Mart and among other stuff. The Earth Kingdom is also home to the amazingly manly rocksbenders.

Lack a sense of humor? Then get the hell out of here and go read Avatar Wiki's "real" article on Earth Kingdom.

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