C*nsorship *s s*meting th*t *s u*ed t* c*ver *p w*rds. P**achu *sed str*ct c*nsrorship d*ring h*s r**ign. Th* E*rth K***dom us*s l*ght c*nsorship. Th* W*ter Tr*be h*s n* c*nsorship *t *ll. M*ny p*ople *n th* E*rth K***dom l*ve th* W*ter Tr*bes "unc*nsored pl**sure. M*ny p**ple *n th* E*rth K***dom d*wnload W*ter Tr*be p*rn wh*ch *s **legal *n the E*rth K**dom.


*zai *s c*nsored *n th*s I**ge.

thumb|300px|right|Th*s v**eo c**tains c*nsorship


C*nsorship w*s c***ted b* th* ev*l Org*****tion kn**n *s V***om.


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