Bumi: "Hmm...this cake, coffee, eggs, orange juice and every other food could use some sugar."
A guy..maybe the cook: "Sir, that is not sugar..."
Bumi: "Yes it is and if you say no I will give you to that bastard of a Firelord"
— Bumi likes his sugar!

King Bumi

Bumi is an insane heroin addict, crack addict, and ruler of the second largest city in the Earth Kingdom. His superiour power comes from his daily intake of CNS stimulants. In his spare time, Bumi likes to expose himself to random people. He tries to pass off his insanity as wisdom, but even a crackhead knows who the real Bumi is. Sadly, Bumi escaped his imprisonment in a box, and is still out there. God forbid he lives as long as Kyoshi did. Sometime in his life he joined the Pimp Order Order of the White Lotus, he did not care about the game, he just wanted the free drugs they gave out at the meetings.

Lack a sense of humor? Then get the hell out of here and go read Avatar Wiki's "real" article on Bumi.

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