Biographical Information

Fire Nation


Died long ago

Physical Description



not sure

Hair color

orangey red..? Just look at the picture

Eye color

look at the picture

Personal Information

Koopa Army


Mario, Luigi

Fighting style(s)

Crazy Turtle style

Chronological and Political Information

Proffesional Racecar driver

  • Firelord(not anymore)
  • Fire Cup Chamipion
  • Mushroom Cup Champion
"Who needs the Mushroom Kingdom when You have the Fire Nation"
―Bowser taking over the Fire Nation
"I'm Fire Lord now bitch!"
―Bowser making the Fire Nation his bitch.
"It'sa Me, Mario, here to kick your sorry ass"
―Mario Pwning Bowser
Bowser was the shortest-reigning Fire Lord in history. Before becoming Fire Lord, Bowser was just your average giant turtle with spikes meandering about the Fire Nation. He liked cars a lot and worked in a garage. However, his mom was always telling him to "do something with his life," so he decided to work in the government.  When the weak Luigi took power, Bowser saw his chance to overthrow the Fire Lord and take the throne himself. He staged a coup with his Koopa Army and promptly defeated Luigi, who was too distracted by the delicious spaghetti dinner he was having.  Unfortunately, his mighty reign only lasted two days before he was PWNed by Mario in a boxing match. Nobody really cares what happened to him later, but there are rumors that he became a professional race car driver and the Koopa Army serves as his pit crew.

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