The Banyan Grove Tree is also known as the Bang-Jan's Groove Tree, is the tree of enlightenment (where Jan lost his virginity), and now where the castration ceremony takes place every year for those who have asked for their penis to be pickled (originally know as Putting inside her in cider).


Every year the genderbenders from all over the world gather up the recently fallen fruit or 'nuts', and hang them on the branches of the tree. These once ripe fruit are first paraded, then left to dry - often termed as son to sun day, three months later, The first sun-day before another ceromony, when fully dry they may be taken home and put in a pickle jar. Any that have not dried properly are said to be ungraced and are served on Have a Tart Day


  • June - I totally lost it here
  • Koh - Were I actually got into the spirit and the groove every June and July Julie!
  • Iroh - I like to just come and watch - or is it the other way round?