"Welcome to Ba Sing Se, home to the best strip clubs in the Avatarverse"
―A Ba Sing Se greeter
"Fuck this wall! All I want to do is see the sights and pick up a Ba Sing Se shot glass for my kids, but NO, they have to discriminate against the Fire Nation. Come on, I'm not going to stir up some shit!"
―A Fire Nation soldier pissed off that he can't check out Ba Sing Se
―Fire Lord Ozai saying he is going to bust through the great wall of Ba Sing Se
"Its Ba Sing Se, not Ba Sing Sei dumbfuck"
―A knowledgeable Avatar fan correcting an ignorant one
"I run this place bitch!"
Long Feng
Ba Sing Se, bitch!
Physical Information

Look at a freakin' map dude!


Huge-ass city and cultural center of the Avatarverse

Form of Government





Ozai, this idiot

Beijing Ba Sing Se aka Bull Shit Shit, NOT Ba Sing Sei and they dont call it Na Sing Se, meaning penetrable city, is the very gigantic capital of the Earth Kingdom with a population of around 8000 cajillion peoples or is it 8 million peoples? Whatever, they just have a crapload of people and illegal immigrants living in the city. It is a global city and the location of the Microsoft Corporation (unfortunately for them). Ba Sing Se is easily the largest and most interesting city of the Avatarverse and has just about every thing you could wish for; casinos, fancy hotels, strip clubs, cybercafe, Starbucks, gay bars. They also have a bunch of gift shops that sell the legendary merchandise of Ba Sing Se such as the classic "I heart BSS" shirt and the Ba Sing Se coffee mug. Everybody wants to go Ba Sing Se, whether for vacation or to escape the War or for the legalized gambling. Unfortunately for the Fire Nation, the Tourism Agency of Ba Sing Se (TABSS) has banned all Fire Nation citizens from visiting the city which has greatly pissed off the Fire Nation. Since the Fire Nation cannot visit the city until they capture the city, they have increased their efforts to take control of the city. It is very common to find a bunch of FN soldiers chilling outside the Outer Wall doing some drugs and jacking off.

Ba Sing Se is famously known for it's two large walls which protect the city from invasion and AIDS (so they think). Behind the Outer Wall, is the farmlands where all the slaves work to gather food so the people in the city won't starve to death. The Inner Wall encloses the screwed up grand city itself. Ba Sing Se also has the only and BEST mass transit system in the Avatarverse called the Ba Sing Se Metro. Rockstar has future plans to release a Grand Theft Auto game based within the city called GTA: Ba Sing Se Stories.

History Edit

The city has a long, long history. Also no Earth King has ever visited the outer something.

Government Edit

The city is ruled by corrupt officials, some useless generals and a secret police.

Culture Edit

The city features many knock-off stores that are designed to look and feel exactly like superior fire nation stores like Ikea and Apple Computers. Communists like Long Feng and Longer Feng have banned traditional arts here and only propaganda art is allowed.

Layout Edit

Ba Sing Se is divided up into many districts and zones to keep the poor peoples away from the rich peoples.

Farmlands Edit

This is where all the slaves of Ba Sing Se live. They spend their days farming the fields and gathering food so the people living in the city itself won't starve the death. Their lives suck, though a Human Rights organization was made to gain more rights for them... too bad nobody gives a crap.

Lower Ring/The Ghetto Edit


A typical Lower Ring gang

The Lower Ring is the ghetto of Ba Sing Se. It's where all the worthless poor people live since they're too dirty and inferior to be living with the rich people. Due to horrible conditions of the Lower Ring, a strong gangster culture has formed. The place is overran by gangs and gang violence is really fucking high here. Also it is strongly believed that the birth of Hip Hop occurred here. This is the perfect place to find drugs also and to lose your virginity.

Middle Ring Edit


Housing of the Middle Ring.

The Middle Ring is where the middle-class populace of Ba Sing Se lives. The people of the middle ring are fortunate enough to have the pleasures of a vast assortment of stores and entertainment places. Also Ba Sing Se University (BSSU) is located here. Go Badgermoles!

Upper Ring Edit


One of the many mansions in the Upper Ring.

Upper Ring is home to richies and important people of Ba Sing Se. Many fancy neighborhoods such as Ba Sing Se Heights dot this place and the richies are proud to know that the walls keep out any smelly poor people. The rich people here love driving around in their fancy SUVs and Dodge Chargers to show off their richyness. The best shops and restaurants are located here and crime is very low.

Locations Edit


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